Davis Landscape

Davis Landscape

You may have heard us make references to the top 25 landscapers in Atlanta are Howard Brothers customers and use equipment that they purchased at Howard Brothers. That list is one that is provided by the Atlanta Business Chronicle each year.

Consistently, you'll see Davis Landscape on that list.

Davis Landscape in Buford, Georgia, works primarily in larger commercial properties and multi-family properties around Metro Atlanta. Just like individual home owners have unique needs and design dreams, larger property owners want the maximum curb appeal and they have dreams for their properties. Davis Landscape loves to apply this no one-size fits approach to their customer's properties. They partner with their clients to create beautiful landscapes that will look good during all four of North Georgia's seasons.

They are selective about their customers. They know that developing long and deep relationships will be the best for the properties, the property owners, and themselves. The landscape industry isn't known to be extremely loyal (especially in larger commercial projects) but Davis Landscape says they take pride in client retention. They believe that partnership is important. They make sure that the details are taken care of so that their clients never have too worry about the details.

Thanks Davis Landscape for being a great asset to Metro Atlanta. The work you do contributes to the beauty of our city and creates safe places for families to gather and play.

We love to serve folks like you all, because you serve Atlanta too!

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