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One of the areas that sets Howard Brothers apart from other Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers is our Parts Department. We have a huge inventory of sought after and needed parts for your equipment. We offer both OEM and after market parts to fit your need. If we do not have an item in stock, we often can get it for you from one of our other locations, but if we need to order the part for you, typical turnaround is 2-3 business days. If needed, we can place a rush order for an additional charge.

Our parts team is experienced and able to look up parts for you and are ready to meet your expectations with our knowledge and service.

What kind of information do I need to be able to get parts for my engine/unit
Each unit has a specific Model number and Spec number that helps dealers like us find the specific parts for your particular unit. The best way to locate these Model and Spec numbers is by getting the numbers directly off the unit itself. Depending on the Manufacture, Model and Spec numbers are typically located on the engine block, either pressed into the engine when it goes through assembly (Briggs and Stratton), a sticker is placed on the engine block that contains a Barcode, Model and Spec, and Serial Number (Kawasaki and Kohler), or a plate/sticker placed on the main frame of the unit, containing the model and serial number (Exmark, Scag, Honda, etc.). These unique numbers tells us exactly what unit you have and gives us the ability to look at diagrams of parts for that unit.
Do parts I buy come with any warranty?
Yes. Most new parts come with a Manufacture Warranty. Each manufacture may have a different warranty period, but typically mechanical parts have up to a 90 day warranty. Mechanical parts, such as parts that have a manufactured weld that breaks for any reason or metal pieces that break off after installed would be generic examples of parts that would qualify for full warranties. However, Electrical parts purchased to install at home do not have a warranty, nor are they returnable.
Can I order parts with you if you don't have them in stock?
Absolutely! When you come into our stores and find out we don't have the item on hand, we can order it for you! We get delivers every day from various vendors and we will try our best to get your ordered part in as quickly as we can. The parts department also sends out notifications once your items arrive and letting you know they are ready to be picked up at your earliest convince.

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