“Essential” Small Businesses

“Essential” Small Businesses

We are in some unchartered waters in the United States and the world. We have always believed that God is in control of our company, and we still strongly believe that!

We pray for our leaders. There are a BUNCH of them! Starting at front line first responders who are giving COVID tests, treating the sick and providing truly essential services.

We pray for local leaders trying to navigate and determine what is best for our communities. Many restaurants and businesses are closing down and on a state/federal levels, these same leaders we pray for are debating and trying to determine what businesses are considered essential for our local economies.

Atlanta, North Georgia, Athens... we're surrounded by options. We've always told our customers how blessed we feel that we get to serve them, because we KNOW that there are MANY options of places that our customers can go.

That being said, we have always been open for business during times of storms and disasters. We know that often during these times, first responders come here to get needed products and services that allow them to do their job. While we don't offer food or even many supplies, we do know that there are many (especially hyper local around our stores) who do visit us for 'essentials.'

Since 1972, we have been affiliated with True Value Hardware, and while we're not known as much for Hardware these days, we still heavily rely on their national services to help keep our stores stocked and loaded with essentials. As of yesterday, local hardware stores were not on the 'essential small business' list to remain open if the time comes.

Across America, local hardware stores are one of those core business units that help make up communities. Many communities DO NOT have a big box retailer such as Home Depot, Lowes, Sams, even walmart... It's the local Ace, True Value or Do it Best Hardware that helps with the heartbeat of the local community. Yesterday, The President of NRHA (National Retail Hardware Association) and other Presidents of these national brands wrote a letter urging Hardware Stores to be included in the list of "Essential Small Businesses"

Take a moment to read it.

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