TurfMark Outdoor Solutions

TurfMark Outdoor Solutions

TurfMark Outdoor Solutions in Flowery Branch is our Pro of the week. We love the work that they do and want you to be able to check them out as well.

TurfMark tells us that they are a lawn care company that specializes in turf nutrition, and you can quickly see that, when you look at their facebook page and the pictures which they post to Instagram. They are making North Georgia Grass Greener!

Check out this amazing comment left on their facebook page, "The techs treat their customers lawns as if it were their own. I often see my tech, (Chris), photographing my lawn. He displays as much pride in my lawn as I do."

That's pretty telling of a company that has strong values and folks who care about their work.

TurfMark says they will tailor their approach that gives their customers' lawns exactly what it needs to reach its full potential. The talked to us about a few of their services they specialize in:

  1. Hybrid Organic Turfcare Program
    Our newest program combines the organic products that some desire with the proven methods of lawn development, maintenance and weed control.
  2. Specialized Treatment Program
    Our most common program includes regular customized treatments to maintain the health and development of your lawn.  This consists of 8 targeted treatments every 6 weeks.
  3. Mosquito and insect control
    No one likes mosquitos and other pests that bite and sting to disrupt the peace outdoors! We offer treatments to kill and prevent mosquitos. 
  4. Tree and shrub treatment
    Trees and shrubs are important parts of a home or business's landscape design. We use specific, customized treatments for each home's trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and proactively prevent issues that may arise. 

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