September Awareness Month - Childhood Cancer - Coins 4 Cure Donations Drive

September Awareness Month - Childhood Cancer - Coins 4 Cure Donations Drive

Welcome in September with us everyone! The weather will be cooling off soon. Outside lawn work will kick back up in force. And a great Awareness Month is kicking off that we at Howard Brothers fully support and hope one day researchers will find a cure. But let me explain what this awareness month is. 


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. A horrible illness that strikes our precious treasures each and every day and there is no current cure. These kids are amazing, brave, and so so incredibly strong as they are fighting. There are the best individuals in the world working on a cure for them and the different cancers the children are facing. Let us also not forget the dedicated health professionals that are working around the clock to care for their young patients and families. But even with all these people fighting for the best outcomes possible, there are always losses when it comes to cancer. September’s Awareness month provides us with a chance to shine a light on the cause bringing it to the forefront of our minds. 


Howard Brothers is participating in the month-long donations drive for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month at all our locations. For the last 6 years we’ve paired up with CURE, the non-profit organization that has led the way in supporting and helping both the families affected and the scientists researching to find a cure for pediatric cancers. If you want to find out more about CURE, you can head over to their website: Last year, we were able to raise $7,500 for this amazing cause! And we have our sights on passing that with all your help this year.



When you come and visit any of our locations, you might see these buckets out on the counters: 

Every coin or bill you leave in this bucket helps the research move forward and get that much closer to a cure. If you don’t keep loose money on you, when you are checking out you can add your donations with your overall total. Everything we raise will be heading straight over to the CURE Organization. You are not obligated to donate anything at all but know that even the penny you give to the donation is one more than CURE had, and they are grateful for it all!


Come on into any of our 7 locations throughout September and help us raise donations for our children and God’s children. So one day, families don’t have to face the pain and hardship this illness causes. So one day, we can see only happy, laughing children running around outside or even at home playing video games. So one day, we can proudly declare childhood cancers curable!


We can fight together today for their tomorrows! #WeWearGold


If you want to hear more, take a moment to listen to this father who joined CURE after his daughter, Kylie, passed away from cancer. Sadly, her fight is over but her fighting spirit is living on through his actions and the difference CURE is making.


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