Fischer Landscape

Fischer Landscape

Like so many of the professional landscapers in our area, Fischer Landscape has a family feel to it. The reason for that is because of real people who have put thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears into their business. They labor for their clients and they would go to battle for their employees.

Lee Fischer is just like that.

Lee is home grown. Georgia native. He KNOWS the reality of Georgia Red Clay. The heat that comes some years. The wet years. The storms and the calm times.

Lee started out working in a Hardware store... aside... what a great place for today's youth to get a job. Get educated in how to do things with your hands... real world experience solving problems and doing hard work... end aside. Lee learned at the hardware store how to repair lawn equipment. He decided to branch out into some 'side work self entrepreneurship' and started cutting lawns. I'm sure like most of today's landscapers, he had a pretty rough mower to start, but slowly grew his business and started investing into equipment, started investing into people... started learning more skills and growing more specialties. What started out as side hustle, he discovered that soil was in his blood and was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Fischer Landscape works with both residential and commercial customers all over north east metro Atlanta. They provide:

  • Annual Plant Design and Installation services
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Landscape Irrigation Services
  • Community Entrances for HOAs
  • Greenspace Areas for Businesses
  • Contemplative Garden Areas for Medical Centers
  • Seasonal Color Displays For Focal Areas
  • Tree and Shrub Installation for Business-Retail Developments
  • Concrete work / Driveways and Patios
  • and more

I loved this statement from Lee, "We aren't just dedicated to doing a 'good' job. We're proactive and strongly believe in consistent communication with our customers. We want to be their partner for the long haul."

Fischer Landscape is now based out of Flowery Branch, but they're serving areas all around Buford, Suwanee, Cumming, and up into Hall County near our Oakwood location and Braselton... If you need some help with your landscaping dreams, give Fischer Landscape a call and ask for Lee.

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