Gear Up 2023 Wednesday March 1st

Gear Up 2023 Wednesday March 1st

The Word is getting out. GearUp2023 is Wednesday March 1st 2023, the top commercial landscape companies in Atlanta and North Georgia will be coming to Howard Brothers' stores to pick up the equipment that they use day in and day out to help keep Georgia Green!


New Equipment

Whether it is a new walk-behind or zero turn mower, or you need some new trimmers, edgers and back pack blowers, GearUp is the best day to get those items. Have you SEEN the price of Eggs lately!? Prices will not be cheaper this year.  If you need a piece of equipment for 2023... don't delay. We'll have sales staff and manufacturer reps on hand at all our stores to help you with your purchase needs.

Our sales team is ready today to work with you on your needs. Replace a few items, add a crew, or update your entire fleet.   


STIHL Equipment

On 3/1/23, were have identified our most popular 8 items from STIHL that are a part of all pro landscaper's fleet. The BR600 and BR800X backpack blowers will be available as well as the FC91 Edger, FS91R String Trimmer and all three models of the HL94 Hedge Trimmer [HL 94 (145°)], [HL 94 K (145°)] and [HL 94 K (0°)]

Check in with your local Howard Brothers sales team for GearUp pricing and check availability.


ECHO One Day Sale

This year, we're excited to announce that we're taking part in the Echo One Day Sale During Gear UP. That means that all X Series Equipment from Echo will be 15% only on that day. Learn more here:


Hardware Hot Buys

As always, we have an extensive selection of hardware related items such as loppers, pruners, long handled tools, glyphosate and much more that will be on sale during GearUp. Check in with our Hardware team to put together an order.

Food and a Shirt

We’ve been feeding people for every Pro Day / Sales Event from the beginning. Come and grab a chicken sandwich or two during lunch. Come early and grab a donut. We like to eat. We may as well break bread together on March 1st.


Financing Specialists

In past years, we know that there has been some headaches when it comes to trying to run credit applications and needs on the sale day. Unfortunately, financing options have become more and more complicated over time as each manufacturer has unique requirements. You can help us by coming in now, before the day of the sale and getting your needs in.


Now is the best time to Gear Up for Spring!

Seriously, don't wait. Get into one of our 6 stores and talk with our sales team. They will help make your lives easier come 3/1. They can prep a ticket and get the order pulled early so all you have to do is come in and enjoy the day.

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