Gibbs Landscape Company

Gibbs Landscape Company

 "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is 'that little extra'."

Gibbs Landscape Company has been a major player in the landscaping 'landscape' of Atlanta since the beginning... in fact, they're one of the family owned companies who helped birth the entire landscape industry.

Jim Gibbs graduated from the University of Georgia in 1965 with a B.S. degree, majoring in horticulture and minoring in landscape architecture. He started Gibb's Landscape Co in 1969 and it is still run by his son, David Gibbs, and son in-law, Peter Copses.

Gibbs Landscape Company has won over 300 awards over the years. They are highly respected by their peers and recognized by other industry leaders. In fact, they help lead the way for industry growth and provide the leadership for policy change

They offer full range of services to their customers. While they started out as residential (and it is still very much a part of their business) the provide maintenance for commercial customers including HOA's and large properties.

At the center of their approach is Service, Creativity, Experience, Teamwork and Results. When I asked Doug Howard to describe Gibbs in one word... "Professionals" was the word I got.

You may have heard of Gibbs Gardens. Gibbs Garden is a wonderful treasure for our region (Ball Ground, GA.) The property is 292 acres which includes 220 acres of house and gardens. Surrounded by streams, springs, ponds, waterfalls and 16 gardens. If you've not been to Gibbs Gardens, make every effort to take your family. You'll not be disappointed by the beauty.

Gibbs Landscape Company has an enormous portfolio of their residential work and their commercial work on their website. They have the history, the awards, but most importantly, they have the testimonials of people who praise them for 'doing it the right way.' You'll often hear them as content experts on local radio or featured in print articles in many publications around town.  Just today, It was announced that Gibbs Landscape Company was named to the National Top 100 list by Lawn & Landscape magazine for 2020.

Gibbs' has been a Howard Brothers partner for more than 40 years and we're excited to profile them this week.

Like so many of our customers, they help make Georgia Beautiful. The Grass is Truly Greener because of folks like Gibbs. We're pretty big Gibbs Cheerleaders! Thanks for all you do for Atlanta and for our industry.

If you're looking for someone to help design your dream landscape, Gibbs Landscape Company is a great choice.

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