Gift The STIHL to Yourself and The Kids

Gift The STIHL to Yourself and The Kids

There is a kid at heart in all of us. And just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a bit of fun as an adult. STIHL’s battery powered product line not only brings out the fun while working, but we can include our kids in the work-play too!

There are so many benefits to swapping and using battery powered tools. There are zero exhaust emissions since you are not putting any fuel into the machines. That in turn saves you some money at the pump. Especially with gas prices being on the higher side of the dollar. And did we mention how quiet and lightweight these tools are? STIHL’s battery powered tools don’t have the loud engines running them or the extra weight of gas pulling them down. There is the occasional stop to change a blade, refill the trimmer line, or sharpen your chain, but that is some seriously low maintenance. You just need to snap in the battery and off you go!

While you are working out in the yard with your battery powered tools this up coming spring, why not let your kids join in the activities too! It is a great opportunity to show and teach your little helpers how to work in the yard. STIHL has a battery toy line for the kids modeled after some of your own yard equipment. There are three toys that are fashioned after the STIHL battery powered tools: Trimmer, Chainsaw, and the Handheld Blower.



While your outside trimming the lawn, your youngster can be helping you out with their own trimmer. It has its own rechargeable LI-ion battery and LED indication meter. These are all modeled after the FSA battery-powered trimmer. There is a loop handle that can be adjusted to three different tilting positions allowing a more comfortable grip. But don’t worry about them getting hurt with this trimmer. The trimmer’s “cutter blades” are an orange LED lighting bar that lights up while in operation. All the looks and sounds of the real thing, just without the fear of getting hurt while playing!



Handheld blowers are some of the more fun things to play around with for us as adults in my opinion. You get to see the stuff you cut fly off into the yard or if you’re blowing leaves off your driveway, it makes that clean up 5x faster. The toy blower can allow the kiddos to help you move that debris out of the way. It looks just like the BGA battery-powered handheld blower. This has a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a LED indication meter. There is a start-stop switch and a safety switch just like the real thing. This toy creates a playful amount of wind that simulates the handheld blower wonderfully!



There is always something being chopped down with chainsaws. Even though they can’t work right next to you with this toy, you can set up the children next to their own “cutting station” with a toy chainsaw. These chainsaws are modeled after the new MS 500i chainsaw and operated by 3AA batteries. Don’t worry about the chain being sharp! Each toy chainsaw features a rubber chain that turns on the bar like a normal chain would, but there is nothing dangerous about their chain. There is a starting cord and trigger which all create sounds that mimic the authentic chainsaw while it is running. They can help you chop up the wood with their own chainsaw! Only, you might need to finish the last of the cuts once they “work thru” their own blocks.



Come into Howard Brothers to check out the fantastic STIHL battery-powered line of equipment to make your outside work enjoyable and easy! It is a great gift for those who work out in the yard year round. And ask one of our associates about the equipment for your own little helpers too!

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