Meater+ Wireless Thermometer Demo at Howard Brothers

Meater+ Wireless Thermometer Demo at Howard Brothers

Brand new product demo at Howard Brothers in Duluth Georgia. It's the Meater+ (Meater Plus) - The Meater+ is a smart wireless thermometer that guides you through your cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results.

One of the best parts about the Meater+ is that it estimates how long your cook will take based upon internal temperature / ambient temperature of the cooker and the target temp of the cook. It also factors in rest time for the meat and helps you plan your meal and manage your time.

You can use the Meater Plus wireless thermometer anywhere you cook. You  could use this in your stove. They recommend no open flame, but also recommend the maximum temperature Meater can be used:

The maximum temperature the ambient tip of the MEATER probes can withstand is 527°F (275°C)​.
The maximum temperature the internal temperature sensor can withstand is 212°F (100°C).

We currently sell the Meater Plus at our Duluth and Oakwood stores, where we also sell Big Green Egg and Traeger Grills as well as accessories. We'll get them  to our Lula store soon. The Meater Plus will be an excellent Christmas gift for 2021, and we know that it will be a much sought after stocking stuffer for Grill enthusiasts all over North Georgia.


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