Ruppert Landscape

Ruppert Landscape

We've been doing these pro of the week features for a few months now. Our focus has been to highlight both the larger and smaller businesses that make this industry great. Those who have been around since the inception of the landscape industry, and the guys who are starting today to create a small business to provide for their family as they commit to provide excellence in everything they do.

This week's Atlanta Pro of the Week is one of the big guys. Ruppert Landscape is a national company with more than 23 branches across the country (and we think their best branches are our customers here in the Atlanta area) Besides Georgia, they have other branches in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas... and I'm sure there are others.

Ruppert started out with two brothers. Craig and Chris Ruppert started cutting grass as teenagers for side gig money... they had other jobs, but would soon become nationally recognized in the industry. What started out as a lawn service company became industry known in construction and landscape management services.

I remember in 2019, while on vacation with family in Washington DC seeing MANY Ruppert trucks working around the city. They were all over the National Mall, from one end near the Lincoln Memorial, all the way to the Capital. It's a huge effort to keep that much area maintained, but when you look at the portfolio on their website, you'll quickly see that they maintain the properties of some of the most well known destinations in the country. Here in Atlanta, they list several portfolio case studies such as the World of Coke and Lenox Mall.

Ruppert has won many awards over the years and they are constantly recognized for giving back to the communities they serve through philanthropy causes. It's inspiring to see the pictures in their social media of their 1500+ employees serving and working together. It's nice to see men and women who work hard celebrate their work and be rewarded for it. We all need to serve others more.

In addition to making the properties they work in more beautiful and green. They also take care of the environment through proactive measures of planting, energy conscientious designs, use of hybrid and battery powered when possible and focus on recycling and re-use of materials where possible.

We're big fans of the teams at the Lilburn and Mableton branches here in Georgia. They do amazing work across Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Like most pro landscapers in the area, they're almost always hiring. If you have a love of the outdoors and working with a company where you can grow and thrive, check out Ruppert's opportunities for employment:

Big thanks to Ruppert for continuing to support Howard Brothers and for helping us keep Georgia Green!

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