SKB Industries Commercial Landscape Management

SKB Industries Commercial Landscape Management

Steve K. Bell started SKB Industries, Inc. in 1978 and has over 40 years of experience in the landscape industry. That by itself is extremely impressive. When you've been in any industry that long, you've definitely proven yourself as a pro.

He attended the University of Georgia focusing on Ornamental Horticulture. SKB is a full-service commercial landscape company built on the commitment:

"To continuously bring life to landscapes at all of our clients’ properties while building new professional relationships to drive clients’ success."

Today, SKB is an all-inclusive commercial landscaping services company, ranging from custom landscape installation, maintenance, irrigation, floriculture and turf. Their portfolio ranges from large commercial properties which include the largest rooftop garden constructed in Atlanta, to sports fields and schools. 

Attention to Detail is very important to the SKBB team, so much so, that they list their own evaluation sheet on their website for properties. You can print it out and see all the details that they follow to evaluate their own work of their teams.

Design, Development, Installation, Maintenance, Irrigation, Floral Design and Sod creates the full range of services in order to create a plan that will serve your property.

If you have a campus, or even a small commercial property, give SKB a look and contact them for more information.

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