Thai Inspired Menu on Traeger Grill

Thai Inspired Menu on Traeger Grill

Jason Montgomery of Howard Brothers Duluth did another Smoke and Tell at home and shared it with us. This is incredible. He did a Thai inspired menu... inspired from a trip he made to Thailand.

The Traeger Grill is so versatile, and Jason put it through the paces. First up were Grilled Pork Chops which he used to create a Thai inspired Grilled Pork Salad. Spicy... Looks Yummy.

The second recipe was a Thai Fusion Pizza. Wow. This looks incredible. We really need to try pizza's more often. He started out smoking the chicken and using it to top a Thai Fusion Pizza.

Last (and while not prepared from the Traeger) he shows us a Thai Iced Milk Tea.

What's on your Traeger?

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Check out the video Here!

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