The Ladders That Help You Decorate - Hasegawa Ladders

The Ladders That Help You Decorate - Hasegawa Ladders

It is the Christmas decorating season! Time to pull out those boxes, dust off the wreaths, and untangle the ball of lights! But you can't forget about the supplies you are going to need to decorate. The hooks, nails, command strips, hammers, and ladders are just as important for a successful decorating. I usually have Christmas music playing while my family and I are working on putting the ornaments the tree. So music is a must for my family while we decorate! I think the worse thing to move around while I am decking our house the ladder. It is heavy and bulky which makes it a pain to deal with. That is until I found out about orchard ladders.

I know, why in the world would we need an orchard ladder in particular to help with decorating? Well, Hasegawa ladders will make your entire decorating time easier and safer. Plus, it isn't going to be useful only for the holiday season. These are ladders that are helpful year round. But let me explain in these 4 reasons as to why these are the ladders you should be using to set up those beautiful decorations all around your home!

1. Lightweight


Lets face it, moving around those big, heavy foldable ladders isn't fun for anyone. They always weigh enough to have one side dragging and catch on everything you pass. Depending on the height of your step ladder, you might even have a secondary person helping you move the ladder to the wanted spot. And shifting them once they are open and standing upright is like dancing with a person that has two left feet. You can only rock back and forth, progressing forward slowly one foot at a time. If you lose patience you pick it up and shuffle it along "faster" but risk it stepping on your feet. It is a dance we are all to familiar with! This decorating season, it is time to find the new dance partner! The Hasegawa ladders are the perfect ladder since they are very lightweight and easier to move around than what those heavy ladders can be.

The Hasegawa orchard ladders are incredibly lightweight thanks to the ladders being made out of a high grade of aluminum. This lightweight material helps keep the ladders weight trivial and very manageable. Most of the time you are able to lift these ladders with a single hand! It doesn't matter what size you end up getting a hold of, all of the ladders weigh less than 50lbs. Hasegawa's 6 foot ladder weighs in at 19lbs while the tallest option (at 16 feet) comes in at 42lbs. Don't let the lightweight worry you about the stability! They are welded excellently and can withstand a lot of use.


2. Height



There are always things to hang that have to go higher than anyone in the room can reach. It could be lights, the tree topper, wreaths to be placed up on a wall, there are a number of things that it could be. So out comes the ladder! I don't know about you, but going up and down the step ladders we have around the house can be quite a balancing act. The steps are thin and the angle of the ladder is a bit steep. Not including the items that you are carrying up to hang. It can all be a bit of a hassle. So, before you invest in a heavier step ladder, take a look at the Hasegawa ladders and the different heights that are available with them!

The range of Hasegawa ladders you can buy is huge! There are 6 foot ladders up to 16 feet! The whole range of heights are 6', 8', 10', 12, & 16'. Plus, the climb up for these ladder also provide fantastic stopping points to reach your intended hanging spot without doing a balancing act. There is plenty of room to comfortably walk up the ladder with decorations.*NOTE: we do advise someone hand you items that you might try carrying up the ladder rather than you attempting to climb with your hands full. Safety is always a priority for us and we want you to be safe always!* You have tall ceilings? No problem! You're decorating the trees around your patio? They can reach! And each has a with special feature on the back leg. You can adjust it quickly and easily with a spring-loaded pin. This give you the flexibility to stage your ladder close to the hanging location. Allowing you to overcome something that would prevent your ladder being fully opened!


3. Safety




We've all done it. We've climb up on the railings or used precariously stacked items to reach up and hang something. Mostly because trying to dig out that have bulky ladders isn't worth the hassle. Yup, I totally just called you out - don't worry I'm right there with you all too. The amount of times were the ladder that I was using wasn't able to fit into the spot I made because it was bulky is countless. I always seem to find the perfect places next to my steps and bushes were the only place I could use my ladder is either the middle of my plants or placed riskily on my steps. So I used to get a bit creative with how I hung my decorations. But it is time to take safety a bit more seriously! And Hasegawa is all about being safe!

This is a company that wants you to be as safe as possible while using their ladders. Hasegawa provided a number of ways to ensure you are safe while on the ladders. The feet of each ladder is scalloped to help grip the ground or if on pavement or inside, they provide rubber foot pads to go over these ridged feet. This gives the ladder far better grip on the sometime slick surfaces and levels out the feet on the flat ground. Each rung is actually a double rung going all the way up to the top of the ladders. By having a wide foot pad for you to step on, there is far more support to step on while climbing and the rungs resist getting muddy or slippery thanks to their design. There is plenty of room to comfortably hold on to the ladder while climbing since the rungs are wider. Another added safety feature is the retractable and extendable back leg. It can shorten up to 18 inches (with 6 inch stops) allowing you to place the back leg up on a higher ledge than your ladder's base. This way you can get even closer to your decorations without having to great creative on how you position your ladder. If you want to check out more features of the ladder, take a look at this safety video:

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