The Pest Trap That Works - Goodnature!

The Pest Trap That Works - Goodnature!

It is the season to find a place that is warm and protected from the cold winter that is coming. Or at least that is what the rats and mice are thinking about right now. If they are setting up shop in your attic and shed, homes and barns, don’t worry! At Howard brothers we have one of the best product to help fight those pests.

Goodnature’s A24 Rat and Mouse Trap!

What is it?

Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse trap is run with a CO2 cartridge that fires a hammer a single time once triggered, killing the pest instantly. The set up is super easy too! All you have to do is slip the trap into the portable stand that the kits have, screw on the bait, twist on the CO2 cartridge, and that’s it! If you know where the pests are hanging around, go set it up and you are on your way to solving the rat and mouse problems. But don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure, the kits come with a few tester strips. place them around the possible areas and see which ones get a few nibbles. You’ll be able to see where they frequent and where you need to set the trap.

You might be a bit worried about the lure and bait, but there is no need! There is no poison used with Goodnature’s things! The lure bait is a simple flavored paste to entice and bring the critters to the station. Without the need for poison, Goodnature has made it 100% safe for you to handle and for your pets, farm animals, and scavengers too. There is no fear of animals (birds, raccoons, cats, or any others) finding the rodents before you get back out to the trap and passing the poison on to them.

Also, with the rapid hammer action, there is no worry about the pest getting away from your baited station. The last thing we want to see at poison stations is the bait low and the animals gone. They could have gone anywhere and died somewhere in your attic or barn. Going undetected until you can’t find that smell. Which is definitely something we want to prevent for you and your home! Goodnature’s process makes it far easier to retrieve them because they stay right by the trap!

At Howard Brothers, we carry Goodnature’s perfect starter kit and supplies! Check out our hardware stores in Doraville, Duluth, Lula and Oakwood. Only available while supplies last, and this time of year, they go quick.


What’s in the kit?

This kit starts every one off a step ahead of the invaders! It has:

  • Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap
  • Portable Trap Stand
  • 1 – CO2 Gas Canister
  • 1 – Lure Bait Bottle
  • 6 – Lure Tasters
  • Manual/Quick Start Guide

And if you end up needing more of the lure or CO2 canisters, we carry those too!


Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about this fantastic trap, watch the video* we made about the product that is below! You can take a look at the trap and see what Jason, our Duluth location’s Hardware Manager has to say about the Goodnature A24 Trap. Or head to one of our Hardware locations and check it out in person! We are always around to answer your questions and to help you out.

 *The kit displayed in this video have changed slightly. The inclusions for the kits are now listed above in this post and do not include 2 canisters of CO2 and do include the stand base.

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