The Swagtron Bikes and Scooters are Here!

The Swagtron Bikes and Scooters are Here!

We’ve all seen the electric bikes and scooters moving throughout the cities. You’ve probably seen some people cruising on them or even seen some of the scooters sitting on sidewalks to rent in Atlanta. They are definitely becoming the super popular way to get around! These bikes, scooters, hoverboards, and skateboards are making it so much easier to get from point A to point B with very little trouble. Such a brilliant way to go exploring your community and giving you a chance to get out of the car! The only thing you have to worry about is making sure they are all charged up for your trip through the city.

Howard Brothers can now say “We have them too!”

Swagtron’s electric “e”-rideable scooters and bikes have made it into the stores! And they are super cool!

This is a company that is #1 in their field of electric “e”-riders. Keeping their focus on mobility for all and staying with the top innovators and markets out there. Their products have a number of things that benefit the consumer ranging from convenience and safety features to storability.

Their e-riders (bikes and scooters) have long battery life allowing the user to go on longer outings without fear of running low on battery life. I know that would be one of the top things I would worry about if I was taking a trip around Atlanta. With that being said, you can still pedal when you don’t wish to be zooming around on the battery power. But honestly, those Georgia hills are a lot easier to go up if there was a motor and wheels helping us out! We all know it is WAY easier going down the hill than hiking up!

Safety for the riders are also a key part of Swagtron’s products. Each scooter has a fantastic tread on the foot pad, helping the rider keep a firm foot grip as the scooter is going at those higher speeds. Some of the scooters are able to reach 15mph (some of the bikes able to reach 19mph!) I’d say good grip is a must! But it isn’t just the foot tread that is great though. Just like it is for the bikes, the handle grips are a wonderful fit for your hands. They are well padded and grooved just right to help ease the tight grip you might have while getting use to the GO power!

For a lot of the commuter style bikes and scooters, these are able to fold up into half or more of it’s size. Never thought we’d see a time where bike would be able to fold up to the width of the tires, but that time is here! And they don’t even weigh that much! Their EB7 Electric bike is foldable and weighs 42lbs – take a look at this bike open and folded below. This makes it an ideal bike for the apartment and condo living people who go up and down stairs each day. The fold up ability and the carry handle in the center helps keep the space the bike takes up to a minimum and easy to carry.

Head over to your local Howard Brothers Hardware store and check out these super cool new rides!

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