Traeger Cook - Reverse Sear Tri-Tip on Traeger Timberline

Traeger Cook - Reverse Sear Tri-Tip on Traeger Timberline

Tri-Tips are juicy and flavorful. Easy to cook on a Traeger Grill, and for the money, we think is a great return on investment... more bang for the buck!

We picked up this 2lb tri-tip from our local grocery store for $17 and in a little under 2 hours had some amazing food for our employees to snack on. If you've got a family of 4, you can easily feed them all and have some left overs with one of these tri-tips. They're not always visible in the meat case (especially here in Georgia) but you can generally (especially at Publix) ask and they'll bring a fresh cut out of the back.

This Tri-Tip we seasoned with Lanes Brisket and Ancho seasoning and threw on a Traeger Timberline at 225 until internal temperature was 130. The Traeger app recipe says 60-90 minutes. That's dead on what we saw. We then pulled the meat and wrapped in foil while we cranked the timberline up to 500 degrees. We also added a Traeger cast iron sear plate (though we could have just used the Traeger grates.) Once the temp was up to 500 we seared the Tri-tip for 4 minutes each on top and bottom, and even held the meat with some tongs around the side to get a little crust on this cut.

It was perfect. Juicy. This particular Lane's seasoning is such a great option. Can be used with lots of bbq recipes. We tend to like it a lot around our store. The flavors in this tri-tip were incredible, and even those Howards' employees who don't like to get on camera gave it 2 thumbs up.

Get a Traeger grill and make grilling easy. Stop by one of our stores in Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood and let's talk grills.

We also sell Big Green Egg and service and have parts for both eggs and Traegers.

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