Turf Masters Lawn Care

Turf Masters Lawn Care

The Nice Guys... They really are nice!

I gotta admit, when I started researching Turf Masters for this Pro of the Week article, I did not know that they have locations in other states other than right here locally in Atlanta, Georgia. They ARE local and have a great footprint here in the Atlanta area, but they also have branches as far south as Peachtree City, but also in Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Like a lot of our landscape professional friends, they started small. Turf Masters says they 'started in a basement in 2002' with goals to be a locally owned / family owned with an emphasis on quality and customer service. Andy Kadrich, Chief Executive Officer of Turf Masters wanted the strength and presence of a national company, but wanted each property to be maintained to perfection.

Turf Masters specializes in the typical grasses and turfs we see in the south. They provide comprehensive lawn care services including fertilization and weed control for Zoysia, Bermuda, Fescue, Centipede and St. Augustine lawns.

If you check out their website and their social media platforms, you'll be greeted with not only the bolts and nuts of what they do, they have great educational content for anyone who wants their yard to be the best in the neighborhood.

In addition to maintenance they provide:

Today, they have over 25,000 customers and they continue to grow. They regularly win 'lawn of the neighborhood' awards for their customers.

Their logo and their tag line says, "The Nice Guys" and we'd have to agree that they love educating and partnering with their customers to achieve the perfect lawn.

Congrats Turf Masters for all your successes. We celebrate your wins and are in your corner.

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