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As you all may know by know, Howard Brother’s proudly stands behind the products we sell. We try to stay in the loop of all of our brand’s latest news so that we can keep our customers in the loop as well. So far, here are a few tidbits of information we’ve gathered up that you may want to know about.


If you know us, you should know we’re all Traeger Grills fans, so obviously we keep up with Traeger news. You can imagine our excitement when we discovered that Traeger made a fun addition to the Apple iTunes Store! In addition to their popular Traeger app where you can connect to your grill, other Traeger fans, and new recipes, you can also download Traeger Grills Stickers
By Traeger Pellet Grills. Be a part of #TraegerNation and communicate with these fun Traeger digital stickers. How else would you share what you’ve got cooking for dinner? Make sure to check it out on the App store.

Honda Power Equipment

Since we’ve been on the lookout for Hurricane Irma, Howard Brothers has made sure to be stocked up with Honda generators to ensure our customers can still have power if an outage occurs. These generators have been flying off our shelves it seems like even after we prepared to order extra. Honda Power Equipment is quiet and powerful which is why both we and our customers depend on them.

Besides saving us during Hurricane Season, Honda Power Equipment has come out with a new version of it’s Robotic Mower and it is cooler than ever. We created a post on Miimo, Honda’s robotic mower, not too long ago if you want to brush up on some background information. The NEW version of Miimo is intended to look like Honda’s new Civic Type R. Take a look for yourself here!


We wanted to take time to highlight YETI and their tremendous Hurricane Relief efforts. YETI has teamed up with 3 vital organizations in Texas to help provide citizens with food, clothing, shelter, and the tools to rebuild for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Those organizations include Rebuild Texas Fund, American Red Cross, and Operation BBQ Relief. In addition to their partnerships, YETI donated 100% of it’s sales from YETI.com and their Flagship store on September 1st directly to relief funds for the Gulf Coast region. With all of their efforts, YETI managed to donate over $1.8M for Hurricane Harvey’s after effects. With hurricanes affecting so many this time of year, it’s great to see the help from bigger brands. Click here to learn more.


Too often, big companies become too obsessed with greed that they put aside their corporate responsibilities. STIHL is NOT one of those companies and we wanted to ensure our customers knew that. STIHL Inc. (along with Goodwill industries) is being recognized by the Reusable Packaging Association for the 2017 Excellence in Reusable Packaging award. STIHL reduced the amount of cardboard returned for recycling by more than 760 tons per year! They did so simply by “using reusable plastic containers to move components between production lines and to ship and exchange components between manufacturing facilities”. This just goes to show the importance of environmental stewardship within their company’s core values. Check out Plastic News’ article to learn more.

That’s all we have for today. Make sure to keep an eye out for our next post. Our brands are always doing amazing things.

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