YETI the Storyteller

If you keep up with YETI and it’s social media presence, you’ve probably noticed they are pretty skilled when it comes to one skill in particular. Storytelling. YETI has been able to successfully capture brand new consumer types over the years with the introduction of its drinkware. Although this is great for the company, YETI feared staying true to it’s original consumer base and image. That’s where the story telling comes into play. If you look on their website, YETI has created a wide collection of beautifully shot, short films to connect to keep that outdoorsy image that appealed to so many people. View them here.

Part of what makes these films so great is that their number one priority is just being able to tell a really good story about a really good person. Of course they include a few of their products in the films, but they make sure that the products do not take away from the main message. This is important because it really helps the audience develop an emotional connection to the brand which then turns into loyalty and referrals.

We always like to be in the know with the brands we represent so we thought this was an interesting topic. You can read more from this Forbes article. You can stop by and see us at any of our five locations. Our knowledgable staff is always friendly and happy to help. In the meantime, check out this YETI video that really caught our attention.

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