Learn to Top Dress Your Lawn

Having a good looking lawn can give you a sense of pride. One way to help your lawn look it’s best is to Top Dress it, which is basically removing low spots in the ground and evenly leveling your lawn. Don’t be intimidated, it’s not too difficult to accomplish with the right tools and advice. We can help you learn to top dress your lawn in no time!

Let Us Help

In the video below, Doug Howard with Howard Brothers Equipment in Duluth Georgia discusses and demonstrates how to top dress a lawn with the goal of achieving a smoother surface. He talks about several products that Howard Brothers sells including the Tru-Cut Rotary Reel Mower, and Exmark’s two new products in their lawn. We created this video about 5 years ago and the information is STILL RELEVANT and we get many hits on it. Check it out:

 If you’d like to read more on this topic, we found this WikiHow article to be pretty helpful. Howard Brother’s has all of the equipment you need to get this job done, and you can ask any of our staff members questions in order to properly learn to top dress your lawn. Visit us whenever you’d like!

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