College of Wooster Relies on Ventrac

Colleges and Universities all across the country know the importance of presentation. In order for students to feel comfortable enrolling in a higher education institution, students need to see that the university is properly maintained and taken care of. The College of Wooster understands the value of a properly maintained school and trusts Ventrac mowers for the job.

Ventrac for the Win

The College of Wooster grounds department is responsible for over 150 acres of land which include obstacles such as steep hills, sidewalks, and over 3,000 trees to clean up after. Needless to say, maintaining the grounds of this campus at elite standards is no easy task. Despite these difficulties Director of Grounds, Beau Mastrine, has found an easy solution with the help of his various Ventrac mowers and it’s numerous attachments. Some of which include:

  • Finish Mower
  • AERA-Vator
  • Tough Cut
  • Turbine Style Blower
  • Power Broom
  • Power Angle Blade
  • Sidewalk Drop Spreader

With mowers equipped with dual wheels and various attachments, the Ventrac can tackle these hills and any other hard to reach places. Ventrac keeps the College of Wooster in top shape year round. When it comes to winter, Beau is confident sending his crew out to tackle the sidewalks. The Ventrac Snow Blower eats right through snow making the sidewalks easy to manage and ready for foot traffic.

Watch their video to learn more about why the College of Wooster relies on Ventrac.

 Be sure to check out your local Howard Brother’s store for more information about a Ventrac. We are always happy to help you find what you need to get the job done right.

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