Crafted Workshop – Woodworking Project Video

It’s a whole lot of fun when we get to celebrate the results of projects that our customers have accomplished. Over the 60 plus years of being a part of Atlanta’s landscape (pun intended) we have seen really cool things come to life.

Here are a few that come to mind:


  • There’s a WHOLE lot of fasteners that were once on a shelf at Howard Brothers Hardware that is in the construction of Spaghetti Junction.
  • Countless TV and Movie props / sets have stuff that were found on a set of a Howard Brothers location.
  • The 1996 Olympic Torch had components that came from Howard Brothers.
  • Every Waffle House in America has several items that are born at Howard Brothers.
  • Centennial Olympic Park has all kinds of products sitting in it now that came from Howard Brothers.

These are just some of the big projects that we can look at, but it’s equally fun to see the guy coming in and he’s buying chrome automotive fasteners to restore an old car. There’s the husband/wife who are picking new colors for their first home. It’s the guy who is re-staining his dock at Lake Lanier to get it ready for the new season, and it’s thousands of people who are ‘making their grass greener’ because of new power equipment from our five locations.

But then there’s Johnny. He’s got a website called Crafted Workshop who wondered into our Duluth store around Thanksgiving last year with his dad. He was on a shopping spree for tools and hardware that he would need for some DIY projects that he was shooting a video for. Check it out:

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