Duluth Fall Festival Bicycle Rack Project

Every year, the city of Duluth holds a fun family event in the fall. There’s food, games, rides, prizes and an overall great time! Today, the Duluth Fall Festival is one of the most successful festivals in the southeast, with attendance consistently upwards of 100,000. As a business located in Duluth, we take pride in our community and are happy to attend each year. This year, Howard Brother’s donated buckets of paint to the city of Duluth as a way to help the city’s arts programs and decorate Downtown Duluth. Just in time for the Duluth Fall Festival!


What makes these bike racks even more special is that each bike rack is being painted by local artists, including our very own students from the Duluth High School art program. Projects like these help our local artists gain exposure and keep the arts alive to help inspire creativity.  Although Howard Brothers’ Hardware provided all of the paint and paint supplies for the artists, the bike racks were purchased by the Duluth Fall Festival. This is a wonderful example of private partners working with the Duluth Public Art Commission to bring a community together, which is exactly the the type of environment any city aspires to be. 

Although not all bike racks have been installed yet, this project is coming along great.

We can’t wait to see all of the finishing touches and are looking forward to attending the Duluth Fall Festival. If you’ve never been before, join in on the fun this year! It will be a fun event for the whole family.

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