We Tried to Give Away an Exmark Navigator

Do you know what QR codes are? They're popping up everywhere. I've seen one on the back of a ketchup bottle at a restaurant that I've eaten at recently. QR code is the shortened abbreviation for Quick Response Code. Basically, it is a barcode that can be read by smartphones or other mobile devices. QR codes allow the creator to send specific information to the scanner and while they were originally used in systems for tracking inventory, more and more they are providing a means to redirect a user to a specific webpage or other online content. We're beginning to see them regularly appear on items in our stores. Exmark is using them on engines and equipment. Large commercial fans that we have from ProTemp are using them right on the fans, and we're seeing them on all types of items in the hardware department. Last Thursday night we decided to test out QR technology at an event that we were attending. We wanted to see if the code would grab the attention of the 1200+ people who would be walking past it. So we printed a 24" square version of the code and placed it on a sign. Our goal was to get traffic to our new website that we had just launched. The gimmick was to give away a 1/16th scale toy replica of an Exmark Navigator (what, you thought we were giving away an actual mower?) The code directed the user to a page that was not available directly on the website and you could only (easily) get to the page through use of the code. Here is a link to the actual page that offered the giveaway. The giveaway involved sharing our new website on Twitter or Facebook. I was certain that it would be successful. It was not. We did see about 25 hits to the page from the code, but no one took the next step to win the prize. We believe that there are still possibilities to use this technology to drive our customers to relevant information about the product or service that they are searching for in the first place. We're not going to give up on it yet. We'll try it out at other events and in other capacities. So What Happened to the Toy? It is still sitting on my desk. Awaiting a winner. So we're going to try this again. All you have to do to win is Like Us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter and then share the following with your circle of influence: “Howard Brothers has a new website. Check it out! http://Howardbrothers.wpengine.com | #HowardBrothersNewSite” You will also receive an entry just for leaving a comment below even if you don’t share, but you will also receive one entry each for sharing us on Facebook and Twitter. That gives you three chances of winning. We'll give you through September 4th. On Monday, September 5th we’ll compile all the entries and select one random to win the Toy Exmark Navigator. We’ll announce the winner right here on the blog as an incentive for you to come back! Oh, one other thing, leave a comment below telling me which method you use so that I get the entries correct. Join us. Friend Us. Like Us. Sign up for our monthly E-Mail Newsletter in the right column. We promise not to pile SPAM in you inbox. We’ll make it worth your sign-up!

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