Big Green Egg Cook - No Prep Tacos

Big Green Egg Cook - No Prep Tacos

When Servando says he wants to make tacos... we let him make tacos.

Last week, he told us he wanted to grab some supplies from his local carniceria in Duluth (Carnicería Y Supermercado El Sol) so we told him we'd buy if he'd make the video.

Tacos are so simple on the Big Green Egg and the already prepped Al Pastor (Marinated Pork) and Picado de Res (Taco Beef) make it even easier. Throw it in a skillet and cook.

Frankly, I learned a lot just watching him do the tortillas in the juices and then throwing them on the grate to flavor up. We used the Traeger sitting beside the Big Green Egg just to keep everything warm while we cooked up all the meat. Finally brought the food in the store and fed the entire crew.

Thanks, Serv for being chef for the day. Let's do it again soon!

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