Russell Landscape Group

Russell Landscape Group

At some point, if you're going to do a series of posts about the Best Professional Landscape Companies in Atlanta, you have to get to the top.

Russell Landscape Group has been an Atlanta fixture for 33 years. In 1987, William E. Russell, “Bill”, started Russell Landscape Group, Inc in Norcross, Georgia. What started as a family managed commercial landscape contract business, Russell Landscape Group, Inc. is now largest privately held Georgia based commercial landscaping firm.

Russell Landscape is headquartered in Sugar Hill, GA. They specialize in landscape maintenance and design of HOA's, Condos, Townhomes, office parks and commercial sites. Today, they service all of Metro Atlanta, but also have branches in Destin, Nashville, Savannah, Charleston, and Tampa.

Russell is still family owned. Bill's son, Teddy became President in 2014, and in 2018, Teddy became President and CEO.

While preparing for this article, we discovered this video. Teddy Russell is meeting with his team of employees and talking about the importance of being able to react to difficult times or catastrophes. Being like a Cheetah doesn't just mean accelerating during the good times... it also is able to decelerate and pivot during times of unknown.

Over the years, we have been blessed with the relationships with the Russell family. There have definitely been times of unknown. Folks like Russell Landscape do far more than just make the grass greener. They serve their customers in ways that will never be seen on social media or on websites.

Sure, we sell some equipment to Russell, and you can hardly drive around Atlanta without seeing a crew out somewhere, but they treat every customer and property they work on with respect and excellence. It shows through their entire team.

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