Make Your Neighbors Jealous with Ice Cream – White Mountain Ice Cream Makers

When it comes down to it, we all love ice cream. It’s just a fact.

Ice cream is part of our childhood, from all the sticky situations, stained carpets, and ruined shirts. It was always a hearty challenge to fight the melted mess of a chocolate cone that mostly ended up as military-spec camo over our faces.

The best part, however, was the few times we were given the ingredients, a couple of plastic bags, and told we could make it ourselves by mixing it all up, closing the bags firmly, and then shaking violently. I’m not sure of the genius who thought of this idea, but in the end you had the opportunity to consume Rock Salt flavored mush with just a hint of vanilla with a plastic spoon.

Rocket science, I swear.


I guess the best ideas are the ones that stay theoretical, but the concept is what matters.

Now that you’ve grown up and been handed the towel to clean ice cream off of your youngsters, we give you the ability to follow your culinary dream of past days. Here at Howard Brothers, we carry just the tool: White Mountain Ice Cream Makers.

These beaut’s are a new form of making your neighbors jealous as suddenly you’re the coolest Dad on the block.

The Retro-Mod Styling gives you a feel for the Good Ol’ Days. With Stained Pine Paneling, Polished Green Steel, and a Triple-Layered Lacquer Finish, these Ice Cream Makers will represent everything you love about the 1952 Chevy Woodie, and make you ice cream! Double points if you ask me.

Even as classic as the old woodies are, the people at White Mountain have been doing this for over 150 years and put General Motors in their place when it comes to the term ‘legacy’. These people know what they’re doing.

It’s not very often that a business can outshine our 60 years of experience, but we welcome that here at Howard Brothers. Pre-Civil War and still going is an impressive feat, credit where credit is due.

They make 4 qt. and 6 qt. motorized-churn models. These are reliable machines that have all easy-interchangeable parts between the two variations. Utilitarianism at its best.

Prices start at $249.99 in store, but we will look into hand-crank models as well for those who prefer to save some money on a set of dumbbells.

Come and grab yours at your nearest Howard Brothers Hardware Store at Duluth, Oakwood, or Doraville.

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