Traeger Wood Pellets Available in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood

If you’ve ever been by one of our Hardware Stores here at Howard Brothers, then you might’ve seen the enormous displays we put up for our Traeger Grills. They’re beasts in themselves, but the magic is in the fuel that keeps ‘em burning.

Traeger Grills are legitimate wood-fire grills, but instead of creating a big heap of ash and over-sized short-use pencils they use tiny Wood Pellets that are constantly augured – that is apparently a word – through the hopper to create a slow burn. These pellets are where the true quality is.

From Maple to Pecan to Apple to Mesquite to Oak to Hickory to Cherry to Alder (here’s where the voice in your head takes a breath), there are plenty of options to experiment with to create your own Signature Dish. They all have their own specific flavor, whether it be nutty, fruity, smoky, or a mix of all three without being overbearing like charcoal can be.

All of these Wood Pellets are quality pieces of work, each made from the sawdust of Lumber Mills across the U.S. – some flavors even come from right here in Georgia. They are free from artificial additives and all that jazz, too. The only added ingredient in the process is some soybean oil to hold them together.

Traeger has also just recently started creating specialty blends. The Traeger chefs have created “The Big Game Blend.” The super secret but not really a secret because it is right on the bag and I am telling you special ingredient…Rosemary.

In addition to the The Big Game Blend Traeger Pellets, Traeger also developed a rub by the same name.  Traeger is calibrating the flavors to bring you quality eats.

Here at Howard Brothers we have all 9 flavors on hand and we stock regularly for every occasion. Whether you hold on to your favorite Pellet or want to try a variety, we got you covered.

Watch this video we made of our own Pro Traeger Chef, Jason Clark (Duluth Hardware Manager)


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