What is Traegering?

The other day I was talking to someone about Snapchat. I know… what does this have anything to do with Traeger Grills… Stay with me.

I heard them say to someone else, “I’m gonna Snap this.” I immediately knew that she was talking about social media and that she was adding this to her Snapchat story. It got me thinking about how we’ve turned so many brand names in to action verbs. We’ve incorporated these words and phrases that used to mean nothing into our vocabulary.

The same can be said for Traeger Grills. They’ve created a product that forces us to use a different word for Grilling. If you own a Traeger Grill, you no longer Grill… you  (ACTION VERB) – Traeger.

Traegering is something that I’ve heard folks say as they pick up a replenishment of pellets or new seasonings and sauces. Traegering is a part of the subculture of Traeger enthusiasts who have found the easiest way to cook out… and have no desire to go back to anything else.

Check out this video, and then get in to one of our stores to find out what Traegering is all about.

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