October and Pumpkins Makes Me Think of Ventrac Compact Tractors

For several years, as soon as October rolls around, people start getting excited for everything Pumpkin Spice. Seems like everyone tries to get in on the craze and fad of everything Pumpkin.

Well, this was the first year that as soon as I saw the first Pumpkin related marketing… I started thinking of Ventrac Compact Tractors.

Wait. What?

That’s right. I started thinking about Ventrac because of the INCREDIBLE social media and videos that they came up with last year.

If you’re not following Ventrac’s Social Media, you should be. They not only produce awesome equipment, they’re marketing is creative and fun.

Last year, they decided to see how a 975lb pumpkin would hold up against their tractor and a few select attachments

This video was their response to their 2014 viral video, The Ventrac Tractor Snowblower vs 100 pumpkins.

I'm excited to see what Ventrac has come up for 2016.

By the way, you may not have a project that involves a Ventrac and pumpkins, but you may have a property that needs a Ventrac. We’d love to show it off for you. Give us a call or schedule a demo today. We travel all over the state of Georgia showing it off!

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