Political Post? Nah… Let's Talk BBQ

This morning, a few of us were talking about the craziness that is election politics. It’s been a constant conversation over the past few months, but as we edge closer and closer to November 8th, when we will discover who our next Commander in Chief will be, there is much uncertainty and angst.

But then someone said, let’s make election Tuesday better by cooking out that day!

 Often conversation turns to food. Specifically food from the grills. So, why not. We’re gonna have a party on November 8th whether we’re in a party mood or not!

Let’s enjoy food. Let’s circle up and enjoy the blessings of friends and family. Let’s prepare ourselves for the season that is Thanksgiving and Christmas where we should be thankful for all that we have!

But, why not have some fun with this whole election thing too.

NEXT TUESDAY. November 1st. We are going to cook. Both on Traeger Smokers and Big Green Eggs. We’re going to cook MEAT! And we’re going to have what we’ll call the “primary” voting day.

We’re going to pull out the top 5 sauces that we sell, and have them ready for you to taste test… and then we’ll have a voting booth that you can enter and vote on the top two sauces that you like.

You won’t have to show your ID to prove you are who you say you are… we’ll trust that you’re alive and not deceased… there will be no ballot stuffing or manipulation of the voting booth… It will be a FAIR voting experience.

Based upon the results of Tuesday, November 1st, we’ll have the two frontrunners who will go head to head the following Tuesday, November the 8th. The winning sauce will forever be remembered and praised.

By the way, To Further Celebrate, let’s just say that everything grill related is 10% off on election days. If you’ve been looking at a new Traeger or Big Green Egg, need to get some charcoal or pellets, want to stock up on some accessories (or eggcessories) stop by and load up with 10% off Discounts!

So, stop by our Duluth, or Oakwood stores on November 1st and 8th. Make your vote count. Make your voice be heard!


Polls open at 10am and will be open until 3pm.

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